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Red Sand, a Canadian Progressive Rock band since 2004 has been broadening it’s fan base more and more as the years go by. Having been picked as ’Best Discovery Band’ in 2004 by ’Metal Hammer’ in Poland, they have forged their own sound and style.

They are presently at their best with Michel on vocals, Perry Angelillo on drums, and Simon Caron on guitar, bass and keyboards. The live band is augmented by André Godbout on bass.

Hello Everyone ! Our new album will be titled ‘Pain’t Box’, with 6 songs including a 31 minute conceptual piece. It will be ready at the beginning of July 2024 on CD and Vinyl. The first 500 CD’s sold in pre-sale will be autographed by the group, So reserve a copy right now ! As for ‘Behind the Mask’ (New Edition), we are currently redoing the vocal tracks with our new singer ‘Michel Renaud’., and so the release date will be announced soon, which should be near the end of the year. Entirely re recorded and re arranged, you will discover the album in a whole new way. The 500 first CD’s will also be autographed by the band.

The band

Michel Renaud


Michel Renaud Lead Vocals.

Simon Caron


Simon Caron: Guitares:
Fender Stratocaster Pink Head Stock 1995/ EMG SA
Fender Stratocaster Sunburst 1989/ Bare & Knuckle Apache
Fender Stratocaster Black 2004/ EMG DG20
Fender Stratocaster Mary Kaye 50th anniversary Cream 3 Seymor Duncan
Taylor 414 CE
Martin HD28
Rivera Amp
Roland JC 77
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Tone Master Pro

Perry Angelillo


Perry Angelillo

Yamaha Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Sabian Cymbals

André Godbout

Bass: Live performance

Musicman Stingray 5
Ampeg Amps

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